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unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, our dinner theatre is cancelled until further notice.


reservations recommended


dinner seating starts at five thirty pm

show starts at seven fifteen pm


see below for show prices - includes dinner

(drinks & tip not included)

Dinner Menu

Choice of


Bonner's Prime Rib

Oven Roasted, Palace Spices,

Creamy Horseradish, Au Jus


Citrus Salmon

Atlanic Salmon, Citrus Glaze, Oven Baked


smothered Chicken

Chicken breast, smothered with grilled onions &

  mushrooms and topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese

Who doesn't love the Fab Four ??

Join Brant Hopkins and Kerry Jackson as they bring back great melodies and memories from one of the world’s most celebrated bands. 


Waylon Willie.jpg

The music of old time true friends, country musicians Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson. Performed by local performers, Danny Romero & Sky Daddy. A fun filled evening of old country classics!


Wyatt Earp.png
SOW March 23.png

“South of Winslow” band is a collection of five talented seasoned musicians that perform Eagles Tribute music.   The internationally popular Eagles band strikes a chord and connection with all ages.  South of Winslow’s dedication to vocal and instrumental precision places them second-to-none with their performance of Eagles’ and original members’ solo work classics.


Wyatt Earp; A Life on The Frontier 

Set in the mid-1920's, an elderly Wyatt Earp talks to Stuart Lake in 1928 at the Earp's Los Angeles apartment and tells of his adventures during the final days of the American frontier from Arizona to Alaska.



High energy, tight harmonies & fine guitar performed by local favorites, Rick, Ron, Bill & Mary of MacDougal Street West. Their stage presence & humor as well as their musical presentations create a time warp back to the time when life was a little more carefree!


Peter Paul & Mary website.jpg
eric Clapton 5 18 20.png

Come enjoy a tribute to the music of the only three-time inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Eric Clapton. Performed by Sky Daddy, songs will include Layla, Tears in Heaven, After Midnight, Can’t Find My Way Home, Lay Down Sally and others.


Enjoy the greatest hits of some of country music's greatest artists performed by the very talented Brant Hopkins and Kerry Jackson.  This will be a night to remember - you don't want to miss it !!!  So many classics in one show.  


Country Gold.png
Rusty Pistols 2020.png

The Rusty Pistols Reloaded are favorite performers at the annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering and play music from the 1860’s to present day.  Also seen in the movie Only the Brave about the 19 Hotshot Wildland Firefighters performing Ghost Riders. Join them for a fun, western filled evening. 


An Acoustic Tribute to The Traveling Wilburys – Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison & Bob Dylan.  A virtual “who’s who” of talented Prescott musicians come together to pay tribute to some of American music’s legends.  Sky “Daddy” Conwell as Tom Petty, Nick Canuel as George Harrison, Jett Montana as Bob Dylan & R.C. Blair as Roy Orbison.


Wilbury Travelers 3.png
Roy and Marty 4.jpg

The Roy & Marty Show takes two wonderful talents in the music industry & recalls the days of the roots of musical country blues. Come hear favorite songs by these two famed song writers, singers, & Grammy winners, performed by Kerry Jackson & Brant Hopkins. Favorite songs like “Crying”,  “Pretty Woman”,  “Don’t Worry About Me” & “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” will highlight the evening.



South of Winslow, an Eagles Tribute Band comprised of six area musicians, invite you to share in their love for this music. The Eagles - possibly the most widely known and universally loved band of the last 40 years, strikes a chord with everyone. Don’t miss it!


SOW Sep 14.png
Doc Holliday 10 5 20.png

Here the story of Dr. John Henry Holliday as he made his journey from one who heals to one who kills. “Wyatt says that dentistry and a reputation for killing compliment each other.” A one man play by TERRY EARP, directed by A. NANNETTE TAYLOR, featuring WYATT EARP (relative of Wyatt Earp) as “Doc” Holliday.  



Calling all parrot heads !!!

It's five o'clock somewhere.

Don't miss this great tribute with lots

of the Jimmy Buffett favorites

you know by heart.

A fun and tropical evening with

Sky Daddy.  Margaritas abound !

Come Monday, there'll be fins to the left,

fins to the right and we're the only

show in town.



Buffett 11 9 20 2.png
Melissa 12 7 20.png

"Holidays in The High Country"

featuring Melissa Ruffner and Gail Steiger. Step into Prescott’s holiday stories and tradtions with historian/writer/Arizona’s Culture Keeper, Melissa Ruffner and cowboy poet/award-winning film maker, Gail Steiger. Natives of Prescott, their families colorful roots have helped shape our city into what it is today.  Music, poems and wonderful stories will highlight this evening. 


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